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Best Practices

Best Practices

Best Practices

Mentoring Partner Success Factors

Build Trust & Keep Confidentiality

  • Having a conversation about the ground rules for the relationship, including confidentiality, can provide a good start to the mentoring relationship.
  • Confidentiality means that everything you talk about stays within the confines of the mentoring relationship unless you both clearly agree to take information outside the mentoring relationship.
  • What if the Mentee’s supervisor, co-workers or other acquaintances learned of the partnership and ask the Mentor how the Mentee is doing?  Confidentiality requires the Mentor to give no details and simply say that everything is fine.
  • Similarly, if others ask the Mentee about the mentoring relationship, confidentiality requires the Mentee not to reveal sensitive information from the Mentor. 

Establish a Relationship

  • Get to know your mentor/mentee
  • Be prepared for meetings
  • Follow up / follow through
  • Recognize the investment you are both making
  • Remember to say thank you

Meet Consistently

  • We recommend that the mentor and mentee discuss how often and how long to meet.
  • Scheduling several meetings out helps with meeting consistently.


And remember:

The Mentee drives the relationship, and the relationship is reciprocal in nature.


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