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Building Trust

Building Trust

Building Trust

In a mentoring relationship, a common bond of trust is imperative to accomplishing goals and objectives. Building trust takes time and effort on the part of each individual and can occur with intentional communication and active listening. Building trust will be essential for the mentor. With the trust of your mentee, your guidance and feedback will be well received.

Identify three concrete ways that you and your mentee can build trust in your mentoring relationship and/or develop ground rules for the relationship.









Mentors can communicate trust to their mentee by:

Giving the mentee opportunities for growth. Invite your mentee to a workshop, or to attend NORDP and/or other professional conferences. Schedule a meeting for the mentee to share their knowledge with others in your RD professional network.

Allowing the relationship to grow before offering guidance and advice. Keep gathering information and remain supportive of your mentee’s decisions until trust is gained. When trust is established; solutions and advice may be offered.

Sharing your weaknesses and display empathy. Describe your own errors, struggles and challenges. By sharing your own vulnerabilities, your mentee will see you as an equal partner.

Communicating your skills and background in an objective way. Let your mentee see your experience and strength as well as your challenges and weakness. Keep it balanced.

Mentees can communicate trust to their mentor by:

Following through on meetings and deliverables. Keep your promises. Trust will be developed if you follow your words with actions.

Being honest and open regarding your goals and objectives. Mentors appreciate when mentees discuss their goals, career interests and professional challenges openly. It is helpful if they know what their mentee wants to achieve and what obstacles may lie ahead.

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