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Closing Your Partnership

Closing Your Partnership

Closing Your Mentoring Relationship

Objective: To close your mentoring relationship powerfully, acknowledging all the advancements and achievements you’ve made during the time you’ve spent together.

Mentors and Mentees have dedicated to growth and improvement in skills and abilities during this connected learning experience. Both put in effort to share what they know for the betterment of the others and with each step improve the other’s chances of success. This commitment is rewarded with measurable outcomes that result from the focused, goal directed time spent together. In exchange for the opportunity, we ask your assistance to measure and share your outcomes in the way of evaluation and story.

Closing Discussions

It is time to close your partnership and celebrate your success in a more formal way. This is an important step in acknowledging your work together and the impact of your discussions.

If you aren’t quite finished with the goals you’ve set and you’d like to complete them, meet with your mentoring partner, and discuss his or her availability to continue.

If you feel that you’ve accomplished the goals you planned, then it is time to close this partnership, set new goals and engage in a new partnership for your next mentoring adventure.

Assessing Outcomes

To formally close your mentoring relationship, consider the following steps on your own and then meet with your mentoring partner to discuss together.

  • Review the goals you set. Which ones have you completed?
  • What changes have resulted from this achievement?
  • Discuss how you each view these outcomes from your differing perspectives.
  • Of the goals you did not achieve, what was the reason?
  • In which ways can you continue to share the knowledge you have gained with others?
  • To what do you attribute your mentoring success?
  • What were some of the highlights of this program for you?

Decide together if you would like to continue meeting on an informal basis. How would you like to stay connected?

Mentees describe how your mentor impacted your development in this program. Mentors describe some of the development changes you have observed in your mentee. Share your mentoring story with others.


Finish your partnership with a celebration. Acknowledge the gifts your partner has given you (time, vision, advice), what they have shared and the knowledge you have gained as a result.

One idea is to enjoy a celebratory meal. If in the same location as your partner, join for lunch. If you are in a different location, meet online and share your thoughts.

If possible, help other members of the NORDP community understand and appreciate the opportunity available to them. Be watching for ways to share your story.

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