Getting to Know Your Partner

Getting to Know Your Partner

Getting to Know Your Partner

Pair Exercise: Share Career Backgrounds

  • Job Title
  • Educational background
  • What did you do prior to a career in research development?
  • What is your research development experience?
  • Is there something in your personal life you may want to share?

Pair Exercise: Past Mentoring Experiences

Answer these questions and share your answers with your partner.

Think about a mentor you have had, informally or formally, who supported your professional or personal growth. The mentor could be a colleague, a friend, a teacher, a current or past supervisor etc.

  • What did the mentor do that you found particularly helpful or impactful?
  • What challenges, if any, did you face in the relationship?

Pair Exercise: Identify Memorable Learning Experiences

  1. Recall two or three memorable work experiences when you were learning very quickly in a challenging situation.
  2. Share your experience with your mentor/mentee to understand how the other learns.
  3. Use the table below to answer questions about these work experiences.











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