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Learning Goals for Mentees

Learning Goals for Mentees

Learning Goals for Mentees

Objective: As part of deciding to seek a mentor, mentees need to outline the learning goals they want to achieve through mentoring.

1. Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • What do I need to achieve current and future career goals?
  • What are trends in research development and how will the trends effect skills and competencies I may need to develop?
  • What professional and functional skills do I need?
  • What experiences do I need to have? Examples could include learning about research/proposal development, understanding funding agencies, acquiring cross-functional knowledge, gaining research project management or leadership experience.
  • What work effectiveness skills do I need? Examples could include: managing conflict, understanding faculty needs, communication, collaboration across disciplines team building.
  • What ideas, goals and metrics are in my Individual Professional Development Plan?
  • What work needs to be done to support goals in my institution?
  • What current challenges, problems or opportunities do I need to address?
  • What information have I received from performance reviews, or other feedback that could become a learning goal?

2. Mentees: Identify 3-5 learning goals by leveraging multiple resources:

  • Professional development discussion from your performance review
  • Discussion with your supervisor on difficult topics
  • Work-Life Integration
  • NORDP Self-Assessment

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