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Partnership Guidelines

Partnership Guidelines

Partnership Guidelines

Tips for Creating Guidelines

Creating guidelines and agreeing on ground rules supports a dynamic mentoring relationship.

  1. Review the NORPD Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Determine frequency and length of meetings
  3. Schedule dates/times for next 2 - 3 meetings
  4. Determine best way to communicate between meetings (e.g., text, email, phone)
  5. Decide how to alert each other when mentoring meeting schedules need to change
  6. Determine how to plan meeting agendas and when to send (It is the mentee’s responsibility to prepare and send)
  7. Agree on how to end meetings.  For example:
  • Give feedback on what went well or needs changing
  • Summarize action items and deliverables
  • Make sure there are 2 – 3 meetings on your calendars
  1. Decide what meeting notes will be taken and by whom
  2. Agree on steps to take if there are relationship difficulties, a change in positions or jobs, you can’t find a time to meet, etc.
  3. Discuss other topics of importance to ensure a successful relationship

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