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Mentoring Compact

Mentoring Compact


Mentoring Compact


The NORDP Mentoring Compact has been developed to guide and support your mentoring relationship. As a milestone in your mentoring journey, please review and discuss this compact together.

This document, like all resources provided by the NORDP Mentoring Committee, is for your benefit.


I commit to:

  • Meet regularly
  • Look for opportunities and experiences to enhance learning
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Honor ground rules we establish
  • Provide regular feedback and evaluate progress

I acknowledge:

  • The mentee drives the relationship, and the relationship is reciprocal in nature
  • Both the mentor and mentee have valuable experiences to share
  • The benefits gained will be directly proportional to the time, energy and commitment invested
  • Mentoring takes a network
  • A facilitator is available to support the mentoring relationship  


As you engage in this mentoring relationship, we encourage you to reflect on the mission, vision and values of the program.


Equip Research Development professional for success by offering

meaningful mentoring expertise, support and resources.




As a leading research development organization, NORDP is recognized

for a dynamic, sustainable culture of mentorship.




Inclusivity ª Commitment ª Accountability ª Reciprocity ª Empowerment


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