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Pre-Assessment Survey

  • Pre-Mentoring Assessment

  • Properly assessing your current skill level can make it easier to measure your progress going forward. Because it is often difficult to look back in time and to see how far you have come, take this assessment now and then again at the end of your partnership to accurately review your success. Some people find it helpful to talk through their skill level with their manager or mentoring partner prior to taking the assessment but this is not required.

  • Instructions for Completing the Pre-Mentoring Assessment:

  • For each skill/competency (i.e., row), do the following:

    Select level of proficiency that reflects your current skill level (No Experience, Limited Experience, Some Experience, Proficient, Highly Proficient)


  • For each skill/competency (i.e., row), do the following:

    Select Yes/No to indicate your interest in developing this skill.

  • To keep a personal record of your self-assessment, please take a screenshot or print this page prior to submitting your answers.